Up Dharma Down begins something new with third album, ‘Capacities’


It’s been four years, but Up Dharma Down has finally come out with Capacities, their much-awaited third album after the award-winning, critically acclaimed Fragmented and Bipolar. The album has a distinct 80s vibe, which vocalist Armi Millare admitted was a big influence in the songwriting. “That’s the period when we grew up. Listening to music at the time was […]


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Photograph by Richard Campbell Ecstatic about the recent release of their Capacities album, I was even more thrilled as Up Dharma Down‘s track “Feelings” played on, full-blast on my stereo. The song’s first line greets you with a pleasantly raspy voice, whose letting out of the first note sends chills down my spine. The song progresses with lead […]

Up Dharma Down tests its ‘Capacities’

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It took the band Up Dharma Down four years to release its new album, “Capacities.” But it gained immeasurable affirmation when its loyal fans cheered wildly while hearing the new songs played live at One Esplanade recently. “It gets me … every time,” said vocalist/keyboardist Armi Millare, profusely thanking the more than 2,500 people who […]

POC.net: A study in restraint and refinement


When Capacities came out in 2012, it seemed like the hype surrounding the album was threatening to overshadow the actual merits of Up Dharma Down’s long awaited third release. The focus was on the fact that it took the band four years to finally come out withCapacities after critically acclaimed and well received albums Fragmented andBipolar—as if Up Dharma Down […]